The Desk – Part II


A Job Well Done

When we last visited The Desk, we were four hours into a project that ended up taking seven hours – this included the 30 minutes looking for one package of screws with the last two numbers of 25 in its name, finding that the screws had been used incorrectly on a previous section and determining that ‘what the hell, the ones I have will work!’ The seven hours also includes the time it took to move the desk into its appropriate place of honor in our guest bedroom and gazing lovingly upon it.  As I mentioned in my previous post (see link below), it was going to take some major contortions and lots of foul words to get the desk where it should be – because my husband had not taken into account where he had built the desk in the room – just that he had built it in the room.

I am happy to say that I did not have to disappear from the vicinity or fly to Mars to avoid the ensuing scene.  I can actually say that I didn’t hear anything as he was moving the desk into its rightful place.  Of course, the door to the bedroom was shut.  Oh yea – and the television was up pretty loud.  And the dishwasher was whirring away.  And the washing machine was finishing its cycle.  And I did have earplugs.  But other than that — I really didn’t hear a thing.

I did make an attempt to help him by knocking on the door and asking if he needed my help.  I was told in very explicit terms that my ‘help’ always caused problems — to just go away.  So go away I did.

I knew the desk was done when my hubby showed up in the living room and sank into his favorite chair, exhausted from his ordeal.

“Go see if the desk is where you want it.”

“What if it isn’t?”

“Doesn’t matter.  That’s where it is going.  Just go look.”

As I walked into the room, I noticed the desk was right where we had discussed putting it – and it looked great!  Then I made the mistake of looking at the rest of the room — there were scratch marks in the new paint where the desk had apparently kissed the wall (more than once).  There was a nick in the wall which defies explanation.  The mattress was laying sideways on the box springs.  The pillows and other items were thrown all over the place.

“So — how does it look?” the angry bear yelled from the living room.

I was a little irritated by the damage – especially since I had offered to help – but sometimes it is not wise to poke an angry bear – especially when over 100 parts, 29 steps and seven hours are involved.

“The desk looks great!  Thanks dear!”


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