The growling of a bear

A return stroke, cloud-to-ground lightning strike.

Image via Wikipedia

We are having our first thunderstorm of the year tonight.  I know – it’s weird having a wild, crazy THUNDERSTORM on February 28th!  I think winter forgot that there is one more day of winter this year and it thinks that tomorrow is March 1st!  It’s like March is doing a pre-roar of the lion coming in.

The lightning has been fantastic – followed closely by loud thunder which courses through my body and shakes my chest like the growling of a bear waking up from its winter nap.

I love thunderstorms — but the first one of the season is always special.  It wakes me up, it clears the air, it makes my senses tingle.

Yes – spring is here – the rain has come, the lightning has lit up the sky – and the bear has growled!


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    • Oh — I didn’t say we wouldn’t get more SNOW — just that we had a thunderstorm! In fact, snow is predicted this weekend – and I know we always get one last blast right before Easter (usually over a foot of snow)

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