Time to Clean Toilets

A toilet with the potentially dangerous arrang...

Toilet Cleaning Time!

Beware of what you tell children  — it can result in a note home from the teacher.

Teacher’s Note – “Your child gets unusually upset and cries whenever he/she fails a test.”  We told our children that if they didn’t pass school and graduate, they would have to clean toilets for the rest of their lives.

Teacher’s Note – “We have had to talk to Bob about burping in class at inappropriate times and how this is a very rude behavior.  He insists that it is a matter of life or death.”  I blame this one on his father who jokingly said that if he holds the gas in, he will explode.

Teacher’s Note – “Please let us know if Tim has an ear infection so we can keep him in at recess.  He has been keeping his hands over his ears when we go outside for the last couple of days.”  We told him that his ears would fall off if he didn’t wear his hat outside when it is cold.

Teacher’s Note – “During quiet time, Lizzie has been very insistent on cleaning toilets instead of taking a nap.  She insists that Grandma has told her to do this.”  No, what I told Lizzie  in response to “I’m bored.” is that if she is really bored, I have lots of chores she can do like clean the toilets (worked on her mother, aunt and uncles!).  How could I have known that my granddaughter actually LIKES to do housework!


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