Shopping with my hubby …


Mr. Frugal

… or how I explained to the jury that I am innocent.  As I have indicated in many earlier posts, my husband considers himself a very frugal man.  This means that shopping with him always has the possibility of leading to his early demise – if not by the hand of the salesperson who has to deal with him – then definitely by my hand!

He is the great procrastinator when it comes to making any type of financial decision – except when we bought this house – which is why I immediately had him checked for a brain tumor!  He always wants to ruminate about it (his word, not mine) and look at all of the possibilities.  Usually by the time he has considered ALL of his options, none of his options are available any longer.

There are the excuses –

  • It’s too much money.  This applies regardless of the price.  The only price he finds totally acceptable is ‘FREE’.
  • It’s too cheap.  This is usually preceded by “It’s too much money”, which I know doesn’t make sense – but apparently quality is always important to Pat — unless it is ‘FREE’.
  • We haven’t looked around enough.  I have never been able to determine what the magic amount of time or number of places is — it just never is enough.  However, if it is ‘FREE’, we are automatically done.
  • It’s just not what I had in mind.  Apparently Pat is now an interior decorator and has very specific desires and tastes.  However, all of his design considerations can be changed if something is ‘FREE’.
  • It’s not the right time.  Unless it is ‘FREE’ – then any time is the right time – even if we have no use for it and have to store it with his ‘treasures’.

I have warned him that if he insists on maintaining these shopping habits, he will also be ‘FREE’ – I might be in jail for murder, but at least I won’t have to shop with him any longer!


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  1. Oh my goodness, he sounds just like my “thrifty” husband! He came up with a good one a few years ago. Instead of saying, “no” when I wanted to buy something, he’d say, “Why don’t you wait and if you still want it you can get it later?” This worked brilliantly for a while because (a) it was a new ploy and (b) I often DID forget about something, but after a while I figured it out — and told him so!

    He’s still trying to come up with any way he can to dodge spending money, but at least I’m onto him . . . about some of his tactics. He is no fun to shop with whatsoever. When we bought a flat-screen t.v. he looked and pondered and went back to stores and looked and pondered . . . for 6 months! And THEN it took him 2 hours in the store while he grilled the poor salesman until I thought the man would faint. But finally, finally, we got our t.v., after many false starts, at least that’s how they felt to me!

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