Color Choice

A pile of Gimball's Jelly Beans, similar in fl...

A pile of Gimball's Jelly Beans, similar in flavors to Jelly Belly. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My youngest daughter has told me that I am getting carried away with the ‘bold’ colors we are painting the walls in our new home – I use the term ‘we’ very loosely because I’m picking out the colors and Pat is doing the actual painting.  She has told me that my house is starting to look like a bowl of Skittles – I actually prefer jelly beans, especially since it is the Easter season — but hey, it was her analogy.

I will admit that I like color – and I get really bored with plain white, antique, off-white or neutral walls.  I am lucky because my new home has lots of walls which need paint and I can actually paint every room a different color!  I’m like a kid with a brand new coloring book and a big box of crayons — the 72 piece one – not the measly 16 piece!  So – yes – I am happy to say that my house looks colorful — like jelly beans or Skittles – whatever your pleasure.

We have chosen pretty good colors for the rooms — but the last couple of rooms have caused us to step back and say – “What the hell were you thinking?” while pointing at each other.  We painted the dining area twice – Pat wanted yellow so we found a pale yellow that when we put it on the wall actually looked green – made you a little nauseous during dinner.  The new color is a golden-yellow — which I really like and goes well with my watercolor pictures of Colorado in the fall.  Pat thinks it is the color of the yellow line down the center of the highway – or on the curb in the ‘No Parking’ zones.  I like it so it is staying.

The next room to be painted twice will be our bedroom.  I wanted a nice soft cinnamon brown color — you know the color and warm brown with just a hint of red.  We thought we had found the right color but when we (and again, I really mean Pat) put it on the wall, it was not warm brown but instead it is the color of a clay pot.  We decided to let it sit overnight — maybe it would miraculously become the color I envisioned.  Instead, I woke up to a wall that looked like a giant sun-burned pumpkin.  Not exactly what I had in mind – so ‘we’ will be painting again and it will be done very soon.

The other rooms look great — a grey-blue for the entry, the guest bathroom is very light lavender, the kitchen is ‘merlot’ — deep red, but ‘merlot’ sounds so much classier.  So far the only neutral color is the living room which is a very light brown – because we don’t want to interfere with the picture on the television – and the base of the island is chocolate — again, love using those ‘food’ colors in my kitchen!  My office is a beautiful blue color that reminds me of the ocean.

So tomorrow we go on a search again — for the ‘right’ color for the master bedroom.  I need to get it right this time because ‘we’ still have the master bathroom, closet and laundry room to paint – and I’ve been informed that ‘we’ have a limit of painting a room twice – and then I just have to live with it for a year.  So, I think I will go for something with a ‘food’ name — seems to work out well for me.

The pumpkin paint will now go to the garage — although I’m not sure I want to look at that every time we open the garage door – much less let our neighbors see the terrible choice we made — so we just use it to paint a doghouse or possibly save it for Halloween and paint some rocks to look like pumpkins – it would save us a couple of bucks at the Pumpkin Patch and we could reuse them every year!  Maybe we could even sell them at a local craft show to recoup our losses – I wonder if ‘we’ would be up to a little rock painting?


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  1. I’m with you. Go for the colour. I do love white though combined with a wonderful eclectic colourful collection of furnishing & accesssories. I think I need 2 houses.

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