A Sigh of Relief

Promotional photo of Boris Karloff from The Br...

Promotional photo of Boris Karloff from The Bride of Frankenstein as Frankenstein's monster. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A very audible sigh of relief should have been heard half-way around the world today – from me because I picked up my new computer this afternoon.  Last Tuesday night, as I was packing for a business trip my computer which was five years old (which I am told is like a 100-year-old man!) dropped dead.  Completely, utterly, un-resuscitatable – dead!  I even called my ex-Geek Squad son and asked him what the heck we could do to revive and he said — “Let it go, Mom.  It lived a good life and now it is time to let it rest in peace.  Plus — to bring it back to life would cost you more than building Frankenstein’s monster — so let it go.”

Well, that put me in a mess for my business trip because I had promised people I would keep tabs of my work email while out-of-town for three days — so I resorted to reading tiny, little type on my android phone.  It worked, I was able to handle things — but it made me realize that I REALLY need an I-Phone or something similar when I upgrade next time.

I am in the process of restoring my files (thank goodness for Carbonite) – and then I will be able to move on.  I’m sorry to see the ‘old guy’ go — but the new one is young, spry and full of spirit!  It’s memory is a lot larger and not cluttered with useless junk — so I have lots more room for MY useless junk!

So — I do grieve a little for my old friend — but hey, life goes on – and I’ll just have to muddle through!


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