Bunny Ears!


No bunny ears here!

Yes — it is almost time for my favorite Easter treat — chocolate bunny ears!  I don’t really care for the rest of the chocolate bunny — just the ears.  I’m not sure why — maybe it’s the way they fit so perfectly in my mouth and I can bite them right off.  Maybe it’s the fact that even when the rest of the bunny is hollow, the ears are sold chocolate.  Maybe it’s just the sheer joy of irritating my children by eating all of the bunny ears in all of the Easter baskets. 

I’m pretty sure that bunny ears have no calories – the fact that I gain 5 pounds over Easter is because of all of the stupid jelly beans I eat when I run out of bunny ears!  I only call them ‘stupid’ because they call my name over and over, until I finally can’t stand it any longer and chew them all up just to silence them!  Then, of course, it’s time for the robin’s eggs (candy coated malted milk balls for those of you not familiar with this delicacy) — these are strictly eaten because they are healthy – which they must be because they are called ‘eggs’ – right?

I do like the Easter eggs themselves – but I feel I must eat my ‘dessert’ first on Easter — or else someone else will beat me to all of the goodies.  Plus — I really want to spare my children the sugar high which makes it very hard for them to sit through Mass on Easter morning. I’m only looking out for their health – both mental and physical.  Isn’t that what mothers are for?  Now bring on the Bunny Ears!


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