I prefer to be called ‘eccentric’


My sisters and I have always said that we put the ‘fun’ back in dysfunctional – and I’ve carried that tradition on with my own children – and I expect they will carry it on with theirs.  I don’t think there is really such a thing as a ‘functional’ family – and if there is – what the heck do they laugh about?

The true beauty of my crazy family is that we laugh together – at each other, with each other, behind each other’s back, to each other’s face — whatever it takes to remind each of us that we truly are a ridiculous bunch of nuts!  We don’t need sitcoms or reality TV  – we live it every day – try as we might to escape it – it always catches up with us – sort of like the dirty little kid you keep running away from in the grocery store — only to realize he belongs to you!

We love each other’s quirks – we enjoy our loud, rambunctious conversations – we cherish the moments where the tears are running down our cheeks from laughing so hard – and point our fingers at those who just don’t get the joke.  We love to argue a point to death, discuss politics, religion and all the wrong things with our loved ones only to change sides halfway through the conversation just to confuse those around us.

We are insane at times, a little looney and sometimes downright mad – but it is always with love, laughter and knowledge that we aren’t therealcrazies in this world.  The real crazies are the ones who take life too seriously, who spend so much time focusing on money, power and glory that they lose sight of the real treasures in their lives.

We may be dysfunctional – but we are a fun bunch!  And by the way — we prefer to be called ‘eccentric’.  Why?  No reason, we just like the sound of the word and it makes people wonder what other nonsense we are cooking up!


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