Who’s afraid of the big, bad …


grandmother?  Yes, I said grandmother.  I have once again struck fear into the hear of my grandchildren.  Lizzie accused me of ruining her life and that I was not a very nice grandma– and now I’ve managed to make sure that Liam is properly quaking in fear at the thought of crossing me.

Don’t tell Gma!

Liam and I have been having a running battle for months about his binky (pacifier for those of you without children) — Liam still wants to use one (even though he is three years old) and I think every one of the darn things should be thrown away whenever it is found.  Liam has taken to hiding them before he comes in my house because “there are no binkies at g’ma’s” and he knows where they will end up.

Add to this frustration for Liam is the fact that it is potty-training time.  Grandma is very strict about ‘potty time’ and Liam doesn’t like the fact that I make him sit until ‘something’ happens.  Plus, I’ve found his ‘special places’ where he hides when he has an accident.  I don’t yell or anything — he just would prefer to sit around in dirty pants all day — must be a guy thing.

So, yesterday while his mother was talking to me on the phone, she asked Liam multiple times if he had had an accident – and Liam refused to answer – even though it was pretty apparent from the smell that all was not right with the world.  Jenny (Liam’s mom) told me she had to go and take care of Liam, and would call me right back.  About two minutes later, she called back and filled me in on the conversation –

“Liam – are your pants wet?”

“Is g’ma still on the phone?”


“Yes – don’t tell g’ma – this will be our little secret momma.”

My job is done – victory is mine!  Now to start training them to do all of my housework and rub my feet!


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  1. LOL That’s the way g’ma, I’m the same with mine. Just a “look” from g’pa is enough to stop them in their tracks.

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