I owe my hubby an apology

Untidy Desk

Where did all this stuff come from?!?(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yes – it’s true – I need to apologize to Pat, my hubby.  It appears that his junk – excuse me – his treasure collecting is not really his fault.  I have come to believe that it ‘just happens’ and he may be an innocent victim.

How did I come to this conclusion?  It was something quite ordinary — I had to move from my desk of 10 years at work to a new office.  As I emptied drawer after drawer, I realized that I had collected a lot of ‘treasures’ over the past ten years – quite by accident.  I hadn’t intended to keep all of those raffle tickets from the last 10 years — I had just forgotten they were there – I obviously didn’t win so they weren’t high on my list of priorities.  I found three sewing kits missing various parts — I’m sure they were useful at the time and I don’t even remember where I got them.  The bag of extra make up I kept in my desk for those emergencies which never occurred were a necessity at one time – but now are completely dried up and useless.  The pictures, name tags and meeting agendas just seemed to have nowhere to call home – so they ended up in my desk.  Who could have guessed that so much junk could fill such a small space!

So I owe Pat an apology for giving him hell for his collection – it seems it may have found him instead of the other way around.  Will I give him his just due which would just encourage him to keep up his crazy ways?  I don’t think so – after all I only filled a few desk drawers — he’s filled one whole garage and part of another, an entire basement and part of another one – and he keeps letting that stuff follow him home!

No – I may owe him an apology but for his own good and for my sanity – I think I’ll just keep that information to myself.

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