The Graduate


Rock graduate or my mom?

My granddaughter, Lizzie graduated from preschool today.  It was a momentous occasion – she wore her mother’s pearls which had been worn at her own graduation a couple of weeks ago.  Lizzie could not believe that she had finally made it through preschool (her words, not ours).  She was delirious with joy – and she didn’t even mind being told that she had at least another 13 years of school ahead of her – and then possibly four more for college.  After all — what did all of that matter when she had already conquered the hardest thing she had ever done?

As a tribute to this special day, Lizzie made a ‘rock graduate’ who looks disturbingly like my mother without her false teeth – and she is grinning!  I think the REAL graduate was far more charming in her ribbons and pearls.  I see great things to come – and lots more celebrations and special days for Lizzie.

The REAL graduate


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