Bathing Beauty


The newest sun goddess!

I’m pretty sure that my sisters are channeling themselves through my granddaughter.  These sun goddesses used to start getting into their bikinis in February and lay on top of the snow to get a head-start on their tans.  Of course, at high altitude (Gunnison, Colorado is at about 7700 feet above sea level) – that meant they were tan in about 5 minutes – but I think they stayed outside just to watch the car accidents occur in front of our house as young men lost all of their driving senses as they witnessed this strange phenomenon!

Yes — Lizzie is definitely a descendent of these crazy women — the only difference is that her mother won’t let her start her tan until May – and she is forced to wear layers and layers of sunscreen!  However, she definitely has the attitude already in place – and I see lots of car wrecks in front of her house in future years!


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