My favorite new word


One of several tornadoes observed by the VORTE...

I have this thing for words which make me smile — nincompoops, discombobulated are just a couple of my favorites – but now I have a new favorite.  I keep hearing it on a radio ad for lawn fertilizer — I know that seems strange – but since there are no pictures to distract me, I actually listen to the words, and this one is absolutely LOVELY!  I smile even when I think about it and I already was able to use today when I commented on a post about tornadoes by one of my favorite bloggers – Uprooted Magnolia – check out her latest pictures of a tornado up close and personal!

As far as I can tell the word means something/someone who makes others dumbfounded, astounded, awed – much too ordinary of words for such a wonderful word which just rolls off one’s tongue and leaves a smile.

So, for the next week, month or even year, if you notice me referring to a ‘gobsmacker” or saying that someone has been “gobsmacked” – you can just smile (and maybe giggle a little) and start using it  yourself whenever necessary!

Enjoy your new bit of knowledge and share it with the world!

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    • Have never in my life heard it on the news – and the only time we hear it is with a Scottish accent in ads. I may have to tape the ad just so I can hear it occasionally.

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