The Power of a Comment

The Pulitzer Prize gold medal award 한국어: 퓰리처상 ...

The Pulitzer Prize gold medal award  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Just when you think people are reading your blog because of your brilliant writing and witty stories, a friend calls you out of the blue and says, “I still like reading your blog, but I really miss reading the comments from Miss Whiplash — where the heck has she been?  She always has great things to say and she makes me laugh – I miss her!”

So – next time you get a little full of yourself and think that you are ready for a Pulitzer – remember that sometimes people read your posts to see the comments of others because they add something special to the experience.  Your words aren’t enough – your audience and their feedback is what makes the piece complete.

P.S. Miss Whiplash is doing just fine – she has been really busy living her own life and hasn’t had time to comment on mine – but I’m sure she’ll be back.  Until then, you can visit her at



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  1. That’s precisely what’s different and amazing about blogging, the fact that the audience becomes part of the experience. It’s through comments that you get to answer the hard type of question, or elaborate on a point some eagle-eyed reader thought you missed.

    • Or even put in a very few words what you were trying to say in the first place! I have definitely been upstaged more than once by readers who are better with their words than I am!

  2. Here I am.. I checked my list and you had disappeared so now you will be back on again…That was a great compliment that you gave me..i feel highly honoured
    .That one little old lady who spends too much time on her laptop staying in touch with the rest of the world should receive such an accolade..I am tickled pink!

    Your friend has a lot of catching up to do…I have a target to get 251 views in one day so if she starts early enough she can spend the day just reading and I shall achieve my target in one swoop!

    Lots of Love

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