Nothing for Father’s Day


Our Special Guy

Every year, my hubby asks for the same thing for Father’s Day and every year we give him exactly what he wants – NOTHING!  This may sound cruel since I am pretty insistent (let me rephrase that – I’m very demanding) about getting something for Mother’s Day, but Pat insists that he wants NOTHING for Father’s Day.  He says this gives him so much more than any of us can imagine – he doesn’t have to feel guilty about his kids spending money they don’t have on him and he gets to revel in telling the story about how he gets NOTHING for Father’s Day.  Pat definitely deserves SOMETHING for Father’s Day –

  • he worked nights the first 14 years of our marriage so he could stay home with four children during the day while I worked
  • he has been the family mechanic for an entire fleet of cars (sometimes as many as six) – changing oil, batteries, tires, brakes – and occasionally acting as a tow truck when things broke down.
  • he has attended plays, ball games, concerts, graduations and other important happenings
  • he has mended knees, elbows, and hearts
  • he has wrestled, tackled, and played
  • he has been a playmate, a confidant, a teacher
  • he has been a FATHER.

However, the SOMETHING Pat wants every year is NOTHING.  He claims it is just because he thinks it is a silly holiday made up by the card companies.  I suspect that he likes the sympathy he gets from his co-workers when he tells them he gets NOTHING for all he has done for his family.

So, we have all finished our shopping and preparations for Father’s Day and we will happily give Pat what he wants for the special day, absolutely NOTHING even though he means EVERYTHING to all of us.



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