Screaming Yellow Zonkers!


The best stuff EVER!

Do you have a favorite junk food that has disappeared from the shelves?  You know – the kind you could eat the entire box – but can’t find anywhere except in a gas station on a lower shelf covered with dust?  You know it is old – but hey, it hasn’t expired yet and you LOVE this stuff!  Then there comes a time when you can’t even find those lone dusty boxes – and you mourn its loss but move on to other junk food while you hold the memory close to your heart (and stomach) of that favorite treat – always hoping that someday someone would determine that this was really good stuff and worth making again!

Well, today my wish was granted!  My son-in-law, who works for ConAgra informed me that they started making Screaming Yellow Zonkers again – and my daughter had informed him that this was one of my favorite indulgences!  He’s going to find a couple of boxes for me and I’m going to start looking for it on shelves immediately!

I LOVE this stuff — I’m surprised my children weren’t all born addicted to the stuff since I ate so much of it while I was pregnant with each of my four children.  And it wasn’t just a pregnancy food (and we all have those foods which we can’t get enough of during our pregnancy but then can’t stand to even talk about after the baby arrives) – I LOVE this food any time.  What’s not to love – popcorn, buttery sugar, crunchy, sweet – everything that makes food worth chewing.

I’ll be waiting impatiently for my box of heavenly goodness — and I might have to start setting aside a part of my salary (and my daily calorie intake) for this treat!

Thank you to whoever decided that it was time to bring Screaming Yellow Zonkers back to life!


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