Do you LOVE your job?


Living the Dream!

Today is my son, Tim’s birthday — so in honor of his special day – I am reposting this article which reminds me that since Tim was born he has taught me to follow my dreams, no matter what!

I just finished a conversation with my son, Tim who is training to be a forest fire fighter and is very focused on becoming a park ranger.  I always enjoy listening to him talk about his training and his plans for the future because he is so enthusiastic, so excited and so IN LOVE WITH HIS JOB!  When was the last time any of us felt that way about our job – or sometimes even our lives?

Tim hasn’t let any barriers stand in his way to his dream – to work in the open spaces, walking in the forests and basically be on a hike every day of his life.  All of his choices from the time he was a little boy have been made with this goal in life.  He had a teacher who told him that he wasn’t ‘college material’ and should just join the military.  Needless to say, I had a few words with that teacher (not good enough for college, but okay to sacrifice his life for his country – stupid woman!).  However, Tim had already decided to join the military so the United States Government could pay for his college – and guess what – he has been on the Dean’s list 4 times  – again, stupid woman!  He has signed up for training and internships with the sole purpose of getting his ‘dream job’.  Nothing has stood in his way – and when people tell him he can’t, he takes that as a challenge to get it done.

Isn’t this the very attitude all of the management gurus tell us to have about our jobs, our careers, OUR LIVES?  Tim is living his dream without having attended a single management seminar, read a single ‘how-to’ book or watched a single career-building video.  So – what’s Tim’s secret?  I don’t think Tim knows he has this secret – but if you were to ask him how you could achieve your dreams I think he would only have a few things to tell you –

1.   Have a Dream.  I know it sounds strange – but I know a lot of people who no longer have a dream.  They gave up or they thought they didn’t deserve one – or someone told them they weren’t good enough for their original dream.  The bottom line – everyone needs a dream.  That’s what keeps us focused and gives us something to work towards.

2.   Don’t let anything stand in your way.  Don’t let people tell you that you aren’t ‘college material’ or that you just weren’t cut out for that dream.  Spit in their eye and show them what you can do!  Tim hasn’t always enjoyed all of the things he has had to do to get to his dream – but he knows it’s worth his dream, so he does it.

3.   Have a plan.  Tim is a great planner – he knows what he has to do to attain his dream.  If you don’t have a plan, how will you get there?  It’s like trying to get to a new destination without a map or a set of directions.  You might need a back-up plan in case something changes – but definitely need a plan.

4.   Get off our butt and do it!  It’s not enough to dream, plan and talk about it.  Do something!

I truly believe that Tim will attain his dream of being a park ranger – and he will love his job his entire life. He won’t go on speaking tours talking about his success – because that’s not part of his dream.  He won’t write books about his experiences – because that is not part of his dream.  He will, however, continually love going to work every day because he will be living his dream – being on a constant adventure outdoors, exploring unknown places – and maybe he will find that pack of wolves he wanted to live with as a child!

Tim has been my inspiration – which is part of the reason I am writing a blog now – it was time to Get Off My Butt and Do It!  Do I LOVE my job – I have to say yes – because it fits in with my dream of writing.  Do I have roadblocks?  You betcha – mostly of my own design.  I am definitely my biggest roadblock – and I’m working hard at overcoming it.

So – are you living the dream yet?  Do you have plans to attain your dream?  What’s standing in your way?

Just remember one thing – if a little boy’s dreams of fighting pirates and living in the forest can come true – then ANYTHING is possible!

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