A Rose By Any Other Name…

Mass-produced colour photolithography on paper...

Mass-produced colour photolithography on paper for Toy Theatre; Romeo and Juliet (background and surroundings removed) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Although Juliet knew that she would love Romeo by any other name — you can bet that if she had called him any name BUT Romeo during one of their passionate embraces — the play would have a whole different ending!

People love the sound of their names — and I’m no exception.  Dale Carnegie said that the most important thing you can do to endear yourself to someone is to remember their name – and remember it correctly!  A person’s name is like gold — we each value our names and love it when someone remembers it.  The key is that it has to be remembered correctly – if a person’s formal name is Jonathan and they like to be called Jonny — then don’t shorten it to Jon without asking.

When I read about Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes and his edict that she would only be called Kate now – I completely understood her frustration!  There is nothing more annoying than someone deciding that your name is not your own – that they have the right to change it to whatever they think is appropriate for you.  I would have started the divorce papers right after that (or started calling him Tommy in public — sometimes revenge is much better!).

Then there are the people who have decided that your name is entirely different.  My mother-in-law has a friend who insists on calling her Kathryn even though her name is Kathleen – she told her she doesn’t look like a Kathleen so she isn’t going to call her that — too bad she didn’t tell Kathleen’s mother that at the time of her birth!

When people see my name they try to shorten it to Kathy, Kate or Kat – and over the years I have become deaf to people who do this — I have been Katie since the day I was born and being the totally self-absorbed person (and possibly a little superficial) — I like my name and so I don’t pay attention to people who don’t get it right.

There are people who can’t seem to get it right no matter how much I ignore them — so I am going to try a new tactic with them — I have decided that if they can’t get my name right, then there really isn’t anything requiring me to get their name right either.

So beware all of you people who can’t get my name right — from this day forward your name is now Gorgar!  Why?  No reason — I just decided that it sounded good — much like you decided on what my name should be.


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  1. People struggle with my name too, apparently it’s sooo difficult. I don’t quite see how or why. I tolerate mispronounciation but misspelling or random abbreviations I don’t. 😉

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