Frizzy Grizzly Mess


Jenny knows all about this from personal experience! Although she didn’t get her own head of hair until she was almost four — it came in extremely curly! So she has been fighting this battle her entire life.

Pay Attention! She is an expert on this!

jen's beauty tip of the day

Darn this humidity, its awful to breath in, awful to keep make up fresh in and awful awful on hair with any sort of texture or curl in it!!

A few things that I have learned over the years in the beauty world. Frizz is caused when humidity meets moisture. And well when the thermostat is set at HELL we sweat and there is your moisture!

Well first of all if you have dry damaged hair, i.e you color, flat iron or curl to much, the cuticle in the hair shaft is open for business. Meaning that anything can get in its like having a door open in your house. Healthy hair is all sealed up and nothing is getting in including that nasty moist humid air. So to start with make sure you are reconstructing those locks of love at least two  times a week to help rebuild and reseal that hair shaft. A great way to add…

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