A Typical Friday the 13th

Friday the 13th Book icon

Friday the 13th Book icon (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This past Friday the 13th was a special one — it was my son, Bob’s birthday.  Actually he was born on a Friday the 13th under a full moon — he hasn’t turned into a werewolf yet – but he has been stalked by bats (see Bats and Zombies).

I tried all morning to call Bob and wish him a happy birthday — but with no luck.  Go figure — a 28-year-old man with better things to do than answer his mother’s phone call on his birthday!  What if I was trying to give him $100 — I’ll bet he would have answered my phone call then!

Well, after many attempts the phone was actually answered!  I sang a beautiful rendition of Happy Birthday to my baby boy only to be greeted by dead air.

“Bob – are you there?  I just wanted to wish you Happy Birthday.”

“I think you have the wrong number.”

“Oh come on Bob — you are only 28 – it will be a good day.”

“This isn’t Bob and you have the wrong number.”

And sure enough – I did!  I had switched the numbers around and had been singing to  a complete stranger – “Well, happy birthday whenever your birthday is!”  – and I hung up the phone.

So – a typical Friday the 13th — my old age begins showing not only by having a 28-year-old son — but also by misdialing his phone number and then singing to a poor befuddled boy!  Maybe I was possessed – yeh, that was it — I was possessed!  After all — it was Friday the 13th!  It could have been a lot worse – I could have walked under a ladder, had a black cat cross my path, been in labor for hours – oops – the last one did really happen – which was why I was in this pickle to begin with!


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