Eating Desserts – Setting a Guinness World Record!


A happy face looking forward to all those wonderful desserts!

Yes – it can be done!  Eating desserts can actually lead to being in the Guinness World Records – who would have thought that sitting in a room with 729 other individuals eating lemon meringue pie, cheesecake, brownies, cookies and other delectable treats would actually lead to such a distinction?  Definitely not me — but it is so!

Last night, the company for which I work (Physicians Mutual Insurance Company) set a new world record for the largest dessert party – and I was one of the finger-licking, lip-smacking people who gained 20 pounds in order to help set this record!

Many people will ask why we would even do such a thing?  Well to set a world record!  What other reason would you need?   I was just happy to have a reason to eat my fill of sweet things and not feel guilty for one solitary second.  I even drafted my hubby, my daughter and my two grandchildren – who all thanked me — not for being part of such a fun event – but for letting them eat as much as they wanted of all their favorite things!

So — everyone got what they wanted out of the evening – my company achieved their world record, my family satisfied their sweet tooth and me?  Well, I was a hero for a short time for taking everyone out for lots of desserts.  Oh yea — and we all get to know that we helped set a Guinness World Record!


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