Yes – I admit it — I am a nail-biter.  I have been one probably since I had enough teeth to actually bite a nail!  I quite biting my nails briefly when I was about 16 – not because I thought the habit was a bad one – but because I had braces and my bite was in the process of changing every couple of weeks which made it impossible to get a good grip on one of those longer nails — and really impossible to get to the tags of the shorter ones!

Over the years I have tried everything to stop biting my nails including keeping clear polish on them (which I just scraped off with my teeth), keeping colored polish on them (which I just scraped off with my teeth) and sitting on my hands (which just caused me to gnash my teeth!).

Some people will say that I just didn’t want it bad enough — but I really do understand that it is very unattractive to have gnawed fingernails when meeting colleagues but worse yet — those ugly stubs of fingernails really detract from my beautiful rings (yes, I do have a shallow side to my personality!).

Finally, I decided that if I couldn’t grow my own fingernails, I would buy my fingernails.  I figured that once I had to pay for those beautiful acrylic nails (at that time $75 for the full set and $25 every two weeks for the fill – with the tip!), it would give my own nails a chance to grow out.  After a while I grew tired of having to spend every other Saturday at a nail salon for two hours – plus my daughters decided they needed to come along for manicures/pedicures, so the expense was becoming as much as a car payment!

I decided that I was going to have to bite the bullet (instead of my nails!) – and let the fingernails grow all on their own.  I would just have to find something to do with my fingers other than stick them in my mouth – what to do – what to do!  Then it hit me — what would keep my fingers busy, as well as my mind and bring great enjoyment to me and embarrass my children (which is always a motive in anything I do)?  It has worked wonderfully — I have long nails and get to paint them my favorite color – I’m Not Really A Waitress Red by OPI.  So what was the cure which finally saved the day, the only answer which really worked?  Well, the most obvious one around —

Write a blog!



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