International Left-Handers’ Day


Our newest leftie!

Today was International Left-Handers’ Day.  Although I am not a left-hander, I should be given the designation of honorary left-hander.  They do it for people who don’t really earn a degree but who are important for one reason or another — so I think I deserve the honorary nomenclature of left-hander.  Why do I deserve this honor?

My dad was a left-hander and taught me how to play pool — which according to my right-handed son, I play as a left hander.

My sister, Eileen  is a left-hander.  I remember my mother sitting in front of a mirror trying to teach her how to knit and crochet.  Teaching her bowl was another whole story!

My son, Tim is a left-hander.  I spent much of his childhood searching for left-handed scissors and left-handed baseball gloves.  I used to sort through bins looking for these two items even if he didn’t need them — just so I would have them later on.  Teaching him how to write was a real experience – I learned to write quite well with my left hand so I could show him how to make his letters!

My granddaughter, Elizabeth is a left-hander.  I wish had some of those extra ball gloves and scissors – but I will have to teach her mother how to look for them whenever and wherever she can!  I had the joy of teaching her how to putt-putt golf while on vacation – first I would hold the club the why I should, then reverse myself and show Lizzie how it was done – so now I can putt-putt ambidextrously!

So – I think I have contributed quite heavily and in a meaningful way to four left-handers of the world – and when you consider that only 10% of the population is actually left-handed that’s pretty darn good!  With that I am declaring myself an Honorary Left-Hander!

Now, excuse me while I try to teach my granddaughter how to tie her shoes by using a mirror!


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