What is the Perfect Number?

Bivalvia numbers

What is YOUR perfect number? (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Every day I look and try to decide if I have reached my perfect number.  Is it enough, close enough or just plain not even close?  What else do I have to do to get to my perfect number?  Is there anything I can do or is it just random?  Does it matter that I sweat and work to get that number – especially when on some days I can do nothing and not only reach that perfect number but exceed it!  What is the secret to attaining that perfect number?  Should I just ignore it and do my own thing – and to heck with the rest of the world?

These are all questions I ask myself every day, sometimes every hour and especially after I have done something which I think should be rewarded with that perfect number.

I know that I have set an arbitrary goal – the perfect number could be anything I choose — so why that number?  Would it be better to change it to something much easier to attain every single day?  Why that number?  I’m sure others have a perfect number higher and some lower — so why that number!?!

There is no use arguing with myself — I can’t seem to shake that perfect number — it is like it found me instead of the other way around.

So – until something better comes along, I will continue to look for my perfect number and sigh with contentment when I reach it and swear under my breath (or probably out loud) when I don’t.

Life goes on — now, you will have to excuse me while I check my stats to see if I’ve attained my ‘perfect number’ of views today!


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