Nifty Fifty


In honor of the 50th birthday of my ‘baby’ sister, Mary Beth — I am reliving my own 5oth Birthday! 

I have no problem getting older and I’m happy to share my age with anyone — now my weight is another matter — but my age, I will happily give out.  I never had the depression which seems to plague so many people when they hit birthday milestones such as 30, 40 and yes, 50.  I hit that last milestone, a few years ago (for those of you who are guessing, I’m 56 years old) – and two of my sisters decided that since I was the first one to hit that milestone (one of the perks of being the oldest of five girls) – they would come to Omaha to help me celebrate.   Being from a truly dysfunctional family — my sisters had a great time ushering me into the next phase of my life – and I joined them in the fun – it was either that or admit that they were insane and have them committed — I just couldn’t do that to them.  However, as I get closer to 60, I may wish that I had done just that!

My sisters, Amy and Mary Beth started the craziness at the airport when I picked them up.  They came around the corner with paper bags over their heads – to disguise themselves.  I said they were crazy — I didn’t say they were very bright!  They had forewarned security that they were going to do this — it is one thing to surprise your sister with a joke – it’s quite another to have security arrest you and have your sister try to find you a lawyer to bail you out!

Mary Beth & Amy

Mary Beth & Amy

The next day, the two of them came to my office for lunch.  Now, this sounds pretty tame but the people in my office are still talking about their visit and it was 6 years ago!  They decided to get ‘gussied up’ for the occasion and in order to do that, they wore every piece of jewelry I owned – and some of it is pretty ugly and pretty old — I don’t even wear it!  We giggled all through lunch and then I introduced them to my boss and others in the department.  I am surprised at times that I am still employed — they must have felt sorry for me knowing that I was going to have to support these two looney toons some time in the future.

The Yard Sale to End All Yard Sales

After lunch, the two of the them went home and waited for me to get off work.  Big mistake!  I should have gone home with them – but little did I know that they had plans.  First they took everything out of my closet and hung it on the tree in front yard.  They took all of the dirty clothes out of the hamper and put them in the front yard and then they put up ‘yard sale‘ signs which said things like — “Cheap clothes — old lady doesn’t need them any longer” — “For Sale – House, includes son who lives in basement (which at that time was our son Bob — he didn’t know he was being sold!) — and the real doozy was the ‘FREE LADIES shoes – $1.00’.   The reason the last one was such a winner was because my neighbors from across the street had relatives visiting who didn’t speak very much English — the only thing they really focused on was the ‘FREE LADIES – $1.00’ and saw my sisters sitting in the front yard on lawn chairs having a few beers.  Needless to say, they had some very interesting offers.

In addition to the yard sale, my sisters decided that my house needed to be re-arranged and they moved all of my kitchen furniture into the living room and vice versa.  Those two girls obviously had way too much energy, way too much to drink or probably a combination of the two!

Amy & Mary Beth — Hope they look better than this when they turn 50!

The last ‘surprise’ was that the girls got all dressed up to meet me.  The picture which is attached to this shows them in all of their glory.  The found a couple of my daughter’s old formals and then proceed to make themselves adorable.  After seeing the pictures, you can understand why the men across the street that the sign was probably true!

When I pulled up in the drive way and they greeted me by singing Happy Birthday — I almost needed some Depends!  I could barely get out of the car I was laughing so hard – and to add to my enjoyment, I was able to embarrass my children (see my post on things that make my cheeks hurt!).

I had to talk them out of wearing their outfits to dinner – I wasn’t sure we could get served in a normal restaurant or if I would need a permit to take them out in their present condition.  So, since I was the ‘old’ lady, we laughed, moved furniture back and disappointed the men across the street by taking down the signs.

It was a wonderful birthday — full of love, laughter and insanity!  I’m was waiting for my chance to repay them — I just didn’t want to do it on their milestone birthdays — so, this is my way of saying thank you to them for being my sisters and being even crazier than I am!

And these are my sisters – gotta love ’em!


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  1. I will NEVER forget that trip from my 2 crazy ASS aunts!!! Now i understand where we get it from it obviously runs in the family!!!

  2. OMG Katie!!!! I SO remember that day! Mary Beth called me up all day laughing so hard I could hardly hear what she was saying. She kept giving me a play by play of everything they were doing! I didn’t know how over the top it was until Mary Beth sent the pics!!! Thanks for sharing this – it still cracks me up!!!! Love to all of you!

  3. oooh what a great day that was. You just wait till you get to be 72 like me but age is irrelevant. Its how you feel and view the world which counts.

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