I have a new toy… and I’m not sharing with my hubby

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A New Toy (Image via CrunchBase)

Usually I’m a very unselfish person — but in this case, I am not sharing my new ‘toy’ with my husband.  He has a history of destroying these types of toys and I would really like to hold on to this one until I learn all of its secrets.  You might think Pat would be upset by this obvious act of selfishness – but he is actually delighted that I don’t force him to learn to use this new toy or take it places with him.  You see, I have a new I-Phone and with Pat’s history of destroying cell phones, it’s probably not wise to let him anywhere near this little beauty.

Now before you get all crazy about this — I did NOT get the I-Phone 5 and I did NOT get Siri (not even sure how to spell that one) – I got the “free” I-Phone 4 by re-signing a 2-year contract with my provider.  My “free” I-Phone ended up costing me approximately $80 – hook-up fees, car charger, little plastic face protectors and of course – a really cute phone cover.  So much for “free” – and that’s not counting all of the time I have wasted downloading app, playing games, taking pictures, showing people how it works, etc.

As I mentioned, Pat wants nothing to do with this new phone and I’m perfectly content with that attitude — I can only imagine the terrible death he has planned for this new piece of technology in our house.  The phone is lucky it doesn’t talk or it would be screaming “Help me!” every time Pat came near it.  Luckily we are having a drought, so it is no danger of being drowned – but there is always crushing, dismembering and the toilet.

It doesn’t help that there are days I find my new phone more fascinating that conversations with Pat (which right now revolved pretty much totally around the upcoming election – I can only take that for so long).  There are just so many things to learn and I am getting lots of suggestions from people on really cool applications to download and try.

My favorite apps so far?  Definitely Pandora – I get to play my type of music whenever I want — LOVE IT!  Of course, I have loaded all of the Angry Bird games (for my grandchildren — although the space one is definitely a HOOT!)  And of course – Facetime is AWESOME!  I love being able to call grandkids to talk to them and see their little faces — even if the only thing Liam ever asks me is “Where is Grandpa?” – little does he know that Grandpa is sitting in his chair thinking of a way to destroy this wonderful new toy – and won’t be allowed to actually hold it until he changes his ways! Hmm… Maybe there is an app I can download for that.

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