Life Gets in the Way


What to do — write or go fishing? Silly question — FISHING!

I know I haven’t written very much lately – but it seems life is always getting in the way.

I had a choice of writing a piece or watching my granddaughter dance across the back lawn chasing leaves — I decided that her dancing was much more interesting than anything I could write.

I was going to sit down and write a wonderful piece about Halloween (how we have gone from cute/crazy to slutty/scary) but then my grandchildren showed up dressed as Frankie Stein (one of the Monster High Girls) and the Mummy and I decided it would be much more fun going trick or treating with them.

I had a wonderful blog all written in my head about the meaning of life and I solved all of the world’s problems but then I started laughing so hard watching Lizzie and Liam wrestle with their uncles that I completely forgot all of the solutions – so what would be the point of writing the article.

Yeh — life has been doing that to me a lot lately — getting in the way and causing me to forget everything I was going to write.  Well, as my mother used to say — “It must not have been that important if it is forgotten so easily.”

I think I’ll keep remembering the important things — dancing with the leaves, trick or treating and laughing — the other stuff will come back to me later if it is really all that important.


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