The Perfect Sunday Afternoon


These are the kind of afternoons I miss with my own children – and which I love to replicate with my own grandchildren.  They don’t know it, but they have given me enough joy, love and hope to last all week – and will probably keep me warm even if the weather drops below zero.

What could they have possibly done to make me so ecstatic — nothing really exciting – just little things like –

  • Being so excited at the sight of Santa that they couldn’t talk or stand still.
  • When talking to Santa, Lizzie had a list long enough to give something to every kid in Omaha.  Liam was too shy to say much but managed to blurt out at least a couple of items dear to his heart.
  • Helping me bake my first batch of snickerdoodles for their great-aunt Mary Beth.  The ‘helping’ consisted of taste-testing the dough and rolling it in the spices for baking (mainly so they could like their fingers).  Lizzie even had a special outfit for the occasion — including Minnie Mouse ears!
  • Watching one Christmas special after the other — no matter how many times they have seen them (I’m so happy they are becoming Christmas special junkies like their grandma!).

Yep — couldn’t have asked for a better Sunday afternoon!

Lizzie & Liam with Santa

Lizzie & Liam with Santa

Baking with Lizzie

Baking with Lizzie


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