Lizzie’s fingers

Love, Happiness & Hope

Love, Happiness & Hope

My granddaughter, Lizzie asked me to paint her fingernails tonight.  She didn’t want just one color  – because she has ‘too many fingers to use just one color” – so she picked out two colors.  She informed me that she only needs two colors – any more than that would just be confusing.  So we used the two colors, alternating her choices on each of her tiny fingernails.

To dry her fingernails, we don’t sit still — it is very important to wave our hands around because while her fingers are drying, she gets to see the colors whirling around (her description, not mine).

When everything was dry, she put her hands under the lamp next to the sofa and inspected her beautiful choices.

“Grandma – these colors make me happy on the inside.  They are the colors of love and happiness – and hope!  I love these colors.”

I don’t care what the name on the bottles of those nail colors says — they will now always be Love, Happiness and Hope to me.

What color would you paint your nails to make YOU feel happy on the inside?  What are your colors of love, happiness and hope?



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