New Year – New Challenge

Let the Sunday Night Challenge Begin!

Let the Sunday Night Challenge Begin!

Over the past two years, I have participated in two WordPress Challenges — Post A Day and Post A Week.

I found that posting daily was a little too much for me because I was pressured to write something every day – not necessarily writing ‘good’ stuff — just writing.  It became increasingly difficult to WANT to write – it became a chore and I no longer looked forward to writing.  The good part of Post A Day?  I learned to write about ANYTHING – junk mail, weird words, quotations, silly situations — anything that worked for that day.  The bad part? I learned to write about ANYTHING – which has its downside because you write about stuff you really don’t care about.  Lesson learned?  Writing daily made me stretch my skills but I felt like I was writing about all the wrong stuff.

So the next year I thought it would be better to try Post A Week.  This gave me the freedom to write at least once a week – and possibly more if the mood hit me.  I didn’t feel pressured to produce pieces that I really didn’t want to write.  I started to want to write again.  I thought more carefully about what I was writing – and if it was really worth putting down on paper.  I did fairly well the first part of the year – posting at least once a week — sometimes even more!  I was jazzed!  I was excited!  And then – I became LAZY!  It was no longer that big a deal – it wasn’t that I was pressured – in fact, it was the opposite – why bother if I could write a couple in the next week or over the next month – and my average was once a week (sometimes it doesn’t help to be a mathematician – we tend to think in terms of overall numbers).  The good part of Post A Week?  I started writing more about want was important to me and not just about anything.  The bad part?  I seemed to lose my focus.  Lesson learned?  I need a little pressure in my life in order to accomplish things.  That’s probably true for a lot more of us than we are willing to admit.  Pressure to perform is not a bad thing — it can help keep us honest and excel in what we do.

Which brings us to this year.  I needed to find a challenge which allows me to be true to myself with my writing so I don’t start writing about lost socks or something equally insane (although that might not be a bad post — I’ll have to think about that one) – but also gives me a little nudge to perform.  With that in mind, I’ve decided to try my own Challenge this year — I will post something every Sunday night.  I’m not going to put a specific time on my goal — because life gets in the way — but I WILL publish something every Sunday night – which means before midnight – and this is my first post.

Let’s see how this year goes with the Sunday Night Challenge!


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  1. Discipline does help with writing. Good luck. Even if what you are writing does not seem entirely profound (though I would love to hear about those lost socks), it all becomes practice to shape you as a writer.

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