A Zero Day


graphI probably check my stats way too often – but I’m always curious to see if anyone has read my latest blog or which blogs from the past have been viewed (who knew there were so many people who wanted to know where the Easter Bunny lives!).  I am also always hoping to see a huge spike like I did when I was Freshly Pressed a couple of years ago (3200 in one day – that will probably never happen again) – and also I’m a little jealous of my son and his hockey blog where he gets on average around 300 hits a day!  Over hockey!  Craziness!

You know you place too much emphasis on your writing and how it is being received when you have a ‘zero day’ and it bugs you all day long.  Even if it only starts out as a ‘zero day’ and you actually end up with a few (albeit not many) readers – you question yourself all day – Should I write another piece just to get people to read?  Did I lose all my followers?  Did I offend all of my followers?  Is the internet down?  Is my computer broken? – all followed by “What the Hell?!?”

I wish I could say that I resolve not to check my stats ever again – but that’s like saying I’m going to ignore that chocolate chip cookie which is calling my name from the cookie jar – it’s not going to happen.  So, I will just have to learn how to deal with these ‘zero days’ in a constructive, adult manner – which means I look at the numbers and instead of asking all of those stupid questions, I’ll just go straight to “What the Hell?!?”


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  1. I know exactly what you mean! I have had the same feelings for the past 2 weeks but I just started my blog so I guess it doesn’t really count.

    Instead of the “What the hell?” feeling on low days, I think of how to get more views by, for example, finding the optimal weekday and time of day to best to promote my blog on facebook. But then it becomes about posting strategy and less about post content!

    • I do think there is some strategy to all of it – but it is so much easier just to say “What the Hell?!?” Good luck with your venture – and remember to be true to yourself no matter what the stats tell you!

  2. Did you find out where the Easter Bunny lives and I missed it? Oh so not fair. I’ve been unable to avoid watching my stats too. It has a certain fascination like watching a roulette wheel, wondering if you’ll score big.

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