How to Pick a Restaurant

Muriel's Restaurant, Jackson Square, New Orlea...

Muriel’s Restaurant, Jackson Square, New Orleans. Uzumaki (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Whenever anyone asks me about my favorite restaurants, I always have to ask them how they pick their favorite restaurants?  Why?  Because everyone chooses restaurants based on different things – service, types of food, price, location ,etc.  Me?  I choose my restaurants based on one thing and one thing only – dessert.

Is the wait staff friendly and efficient?  Don’t Care!  Do they have a house special dessert that will make my taste buds dance?

Diet Coke? Diet Pepsi?  Don’t care!  The real question is “Do they have great sopaipillas?”

Ambience? Romantic location?  Don’t care!  Flourless Chocolate Cake? Tiramisu? Strawberry Wedding Cake?  Bring it on!

Steak? Lasagna? Chimichanga? Don’t care!  Gimme sweets, cakes, pies and other delicious, wonderful desserts!

Expensive? Inexpensive?  Don’t care!  I’m only eating half my entrée so I can save room for the best part of the meal – dessert!

So – if you want a recommendation from me for a good restaurant, tell me your favorite dessert and I’ll definitely steer you in the right direction!


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