Dead Batteries


#@&$# Battery! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I wrote down the title of this piece quite a while ago when I was thinking of things I wanted to write about in the future. I’m sure it had some meaning at the time – but I can’t think of a blessed thing that I could have thought would be interesting to write concerning dead batteries.

I’ve tried to remember if there was a funny story about charging dead batteries and the only thing I can think of was from long ago. Many, many years ago, we didn’t have enough money for a new battery but we could re-charge our old ones every night because Pat has a nifty battery charger. So I would carry an extra ‘live’ battery in my trunk at all times and if my car wouldn’t start, I would swap out the batteries. Craziness – but it worked. Which is probably why my son came up with the idea to buy about 6 batteries when he was stranded in South Dakota in the winter and his alternator had gone out. They just swapped out a new battery every time it went dead – and when they got home, they recharged the batteries and returned them to Walmart (who didn’t ask a single question). Neither of these incidents came to mind immediately – I had to really think hard to remember them – so that couldn’t be why I wrote down “Dead Batteries”.

It might have been about spring being a time for re-charging our dead batteries – but I don’t usually get that philosophical (okay – sometimes I do, but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t about dead batteries!). Besides, when I wrote down these ideas, it was about 20 below with the wind chill factor, so I was praying and pleading for spring to warm up – not recharge my batteries!

So – here I am – wondering what the heck I was thinking when I wrote down Dead Batteries – and hoping that the Dead Battery I was thinking about wasn’t me!


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