Fishing Necessities

Let's see -- do I have everything I need to catch a fish?

Let’s see — do I have everything I need to catch a fish?

Recently, Liam (4 years old) was sitting at the restaurant counter at Bass Pro Shop with his mom and sister looking at all the fish in the EXTREMELY large fish tank.  He and his sister were handed an activity which asked them to circle all of the items needed for a successful fishing trip.  Some of the items were accompanied by pictures, so Liam easily picked out a fishing pole, hooks, worms and a net.  He then sat and stared his list with a very puzzled look.  He turned it over to make sure there wasn’t anything on the other side, laid it back down and continued staring with his pencil hanging out of his mouth as he concentrated.  Finally, his mom asked him –

“Liam, what’s the matter?  Can’t you find all of the things you need to fish?”

“Nope.” (Liam is a man of few words.)

“Well, I see you have your net, your pole and even your worms.  You could circle the boat.”

Liam circled the boat and his scowl intensified.

“That’s not what I was looking for.”

“Okay – do you want me to help you again?”

“Yes – tell me which of these words is ‘Grandpa’.  We can’t go fishing without Grandpa and I can’t find him on the list.”

Jenny wrote ‘Grandpa’ on the list – and Liam promptly circled it, sat back and smiled.  His list was complete.



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