When was the last time …

Hugs with Lizzie & Liam

Hugs with Lizzie & Liam

It seems like the older we get, the more life gets in the way. We live in different cities, different states and we have our own families, work and other excuses for not keeping in touch with our siblings.  There is always something in the way – and it is usually ourselves.  We manage to get together every few years — for the ‘big’ events – weddings, major birthdays (30, 40, 50, etc) and of course, for funerals.

Every time I see Lizzie and Liam together, I think of my sisters.  I think of the times we have been there for each other over the years.  I think of the laughter, the fights and even the tears.  We are sisters and no matter how long we are separated, we are always a part of each other.  We all have the same quirky sense of humor and the same fiery temper.   We may not always like each other – but we are always there to help and defend each other.

When was the last time I hugged my sisters and laughed with them?  Unfortunately, it has been a while since I was actually with my sisters – but every time I hug my children and grandchildren, I am with my sisters –  every time I laugh with my children and grandchildren, I am laughing with my sisters – because that’s where I learned how to love and how to laugh – with my sisters.

When was the last time you hugged your brother/sister and laughed just because you were so happy to be together?


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