Bring on the Tooth Fairy!

Bring on the Tooth Fairy!

Bring on the Tooth Fairy!

Lizzie has a loose tooth.  That doesn’t sound like such a big deal – but it is her FIRST loose tooth and she is the LAST person in her kindergarten class to lose a tooth – so it is VERY IMPORTANT!

Because of this momentous occasion, we are talking a lot about the Tooth Fairy.  Lizzie (because she is only 6 and doesn’t yet understand the value of money – and because she is not a teenager) is not concerned about how much the Tooth Fairy will be bringing for her tooth.  Instead, she is very concerned about WHO the Tooth Fairy will be and how this wondrous entity will get into her house and find her small tooth.

Finding her tooth is not a problem because apparently it is very popular today to have special Tooth Bags where you put the tooth.  Apparently, children aren’t sleeping with their teeth under their pillows any longer.  I like to think this was done out of consideration for the Tooth Fairy – making it a little easier to gather that tooth without waking a small children – but the reality is that some over-zealous parent probably saw that tooth as a health hazard and invented a way to keep it away from their little darling (even though that’s where it came from to begin with).

No – the main the discussion has surrounded WHO the Tooth Fairy will be.  If it were up to Lizzie’s mom, the Tooth Fairy would be Dwayne Johnson (alias The Rock) – after all, he did play the part in the movie.  Actually, Liam (Lizzie’s brother) would love that it was Dwayne Johnson also — he loves The Rock!  Problem?  Liam would start pulling his own teeth out just to have wrestle time with the Tooth Fairy.  Jenny?  She wouldn’t pull any teeth of her own and would discourage her own children – but she might be tempted to set a up deal with a local dentist for any pulled teeth just so the Tooth Fairy would visit.

And where does Lizzie stand in this discussion?  Well, considering that her favorite fairy is Tinkerbell – I can pretty much guess that Dwayne Johnson is not going to work out well for Lizzie.  She is more of the cute, little pixie type.  She will wait up as late as she can to see which fairy comes to get her precious tooth — what color are her wings, what color is her hair and what color is her outfit – those are the important things.  Since she is only 6 (and again, not a teenager), she is not interested in seeing a large, good-looking, muscular man bringing her anything and by the time she is, she will be past the stage of loosing teeth – thank goodness!

Meanwhile, Lizzie is eating every apple in the house trying to loosen up that tooth even more.  She can hardly wait to have a gap to show her friends – and more importantly, it will be her chance to see what her Tooth Fairy really looks like.  So Bring on the Tooth Fairy — we’re ready!


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  1. We have a tiny tooth fairy pillow with a pocket in it, it’s really cute. My little one is only 3 so “the tooth fairy” is a few years away, I guess (probably not as long as I am hoping, <sniffle>). Their tiny teeth are so adorable and then the gappy grins…but I remember with my stepson when he got his permanent teeth (especially the upper fronts) it looked like he had huge Chiclets in his mouth till his face “grew into them” LOL! So be prepared for that!

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