Mid-Point Crisis in Posting

A pastoral farm scene near Traverse City, Mich...

Too much day-dreaming? (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This time every year since I started making promises to myself about blogging I have hit a major road block.  It doesn’t matter if I’ve promised to blog daily, weekly or monthly – I hit the same damn barricade.  Apparently this year is no different.  I have promised to post every Sunday before 6 p.m. and for quite a few weeks I was even ahead of the game – I had posts ready so I wasn’t tempted to skip a week – that has all disappeared.

Is it the nice weather which keeps me away?  Don’t think so — I’m in the Midwest and we didn’t even have a Spring!  Snow and hail one day, record heat the next and then tornadoes and rain every other day.  Maybe it is FEAR of what the weather is bringing that keeps me occupied – that is probably a more likely scenario.

Is it my busy schedule?  That would be a GREAT excuse if it weren’t for the fact that my schedule is always crazy – which actually gives me fodder for my posts.    I could argue that I’m getting older and exhaust more easily – but that seems like a pretty lame excuse when I look at some bloggers I follow who are in their 80’s and blogging daily.

Is there a lack of topics?  Be serious.  I have a husband, four children, two grandchildren and four sisters — I am never lacking for topics.  Now – some of them I can’t write about because I don’t want to have them hire a hit-man to take me out — but believe me, there are LOTS of topics.

Maybe I’m just lazy? See the answer to the question above.  I don’t get a chance to be lazy.

So – what is it?  Why in June of every year does the motivation seep out of my body and I have to struggle to write a post?  I do enjoy sitting in the sunshine (when we have it) and doing absolutely nothing.  While doing nothing I do think of things to write about – but when I analyze them later, I think they are silly and stupid.

Maybe that’s it — I’m over-analyzing what I want to write about and throwing out perfectly good ideas not because they are stupid and silly – but because I think I can’t make them interesting.  Stupid, silly me!

So – here is what I’m going to try for the next few weeks — I’ll write about every idea that comes to mind — some may be only one sentence – but I will write about them all because maybe one sentence will grow to two and then three and then 100!  Who knows – maybe I’ll have an entire post of one liners – hmmmm — that’s an interesting idea – excuse me while I go write that one down.


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