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Lost Treasures or Hidden Trash? (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Recently, the president of a college in Pennsylvania was cleaning out his office closet in an effort to get it ready for the next occupant.  I can picture him rummaging through various items which he had stowed away in the closet.  Things he had put there because –


  1. He didn’t know what to do with the item.
  2. No one else knew what to do with the item.
  3. He didn’t like looking at the item every day.
  4. He didn’t want other people looking at the item every day.
  5. He didn’t want to throw it away – he might need it someday.
  6. He didn’t want to throw it away – just because he didn’t want to throw it away.


I’ve done this many times in my own life – since I was a teenager.  Among the items I have found –


  1. Unfinished poodle skirts my mom started for each of her five daughters.  I found them in 1972 and they were obviously started when I was about 9 years old!
  2. Shoes with no partners.  Usually, they are pretty beat up, ugly shoes.  Their partners must have banded together and decided to escape from the dark corner of the closet.
  3. Clothes which are too small, too ugly, too worn out to wear again.   You will notice I have NEVER found clothes which were too big for me.  I don’t hold on to those for one single extra minute.  However, that cute blouse that I love and is two sizes too small?  I’m sure I’ll get back into it someday.
  4. Old wrapping paper and boxes.  I always forget I have these items when I buy a present – and so I buy more. The pile just keeps growing.
  5. Lots more hangars than clothes.  These must have been the items which escaped with the shoes who didn’t want to be ‘closeted’ any longer.
  6. A couple of wedding dresses (mine and my daughter’s).  Technically these both fit in the category of clothes which don’t fit – but they deserve a separate mention because they take up so much darn room!
  7. Stuff that won’t fit anywhere else in the house – puzzles (which are usually missing pieces), owner’s manuals for things which are rotting in the dump, fancy serving platters which are brought out once a year (if I remember I have them) and other assorted craziness.


How am I different from the Pennsylvania college president?  The one thing I have never found in my closet (other than clothes which are too big) is treasure.  Nope – never found the Lost Ark of the Covenant, the Holy Grail or even 50 cents!  The college president?  He found a declaration signed by President Abraham Lincoln declaring the founder of the college an Army Chaplain during the Civil War!


I’m pretty sure that 5 poodle skirts don’t count as a historical ‘find’.





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