The Summer You Are Missing

Sprinkler Time

Sprinkler Time

It used to be that summer was associated with the sounds of children playing, birds starting to chirp early in the morning, people laughing with their friends, people whistling as they do their yard work, lawnmowers and even splashing in pools.  There were also smells that went with the summer months – freshly cut grass, hamburgers being grilled, flowers in the garden, and lightning when it electrifies the air.

With the invention of air conditioning and almost all homes now having it – people only hear the sounds of their televisions or video games.  The windows are closed so we can stay nice and cool – and we miss the best part of summer – being able to be a part of the outdoors instead of being shut in.  I think it is interesting that we complain about ‘cabin fever’ in the winter time because we are shut in and can’t go outside or open the windows – but in the summer we do the same thing and we don’t complain about missing anything.

It’s a shame that we are all missing the very things that we long for all winter – the ability to feel the warmth on our faces, the smell of a summer breeze, the sound of a child giggling as she runs the sprinkler – all because we don’t want to ‘get too hot’ inside our houses.

Throw open the windows, experience the wonder of summer – and if you get too hot in your house – there’s always a sprinkler calling your name!


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