Television IS Reality – to a Kid

Liam is a REAL moment.

Liam is a REAL moment.

Sometimes we forget that to a small child (and possibly some adults) – cartoons are REAL, movies are REAL and television is REAL.  This includes the so-called reality shows or wrestle-o-mania – which any sane person knows are totally scripted.  And if it is about something kids can relate to their personal life – the show becomes REAL and about them.  This point was brought home yesterday after I was told about my grandson, Liam’s conversation with his Uncle Pete.

First a little background information – Pete is married to my youngest daughter Becky.  Liam adores his Uncle Pete who plays with him carries him around on his shoulders.  Pete is an aspiring chef and attending culinary school.  Uncle Pete is a tall man with dark hair and dark beard.  Liam watches a baking competition show with me – The American Baking Competition  which Liam loves because it is about his favorite kind of food — desserts!!!  There is a contestant, James who we all agree looks a lot like Uncle Pete.  However – to Liam, James MUST be Uncle Pete because they look exactly alike.  The following conversation took place yesterday between Pete and Liam because of Liam’s belief –

“I saw you on TV Uncle Pete.”

“Really?  What was I doing?”

“You weren’t doing very well.  In fact, you lost.”

“What did I do?”

“You made this really ugly cake that everyone thought was awful.  You really need to do better next time.”  (At this point, Pete finally realized that Liam was talking about the baking show)

“Wow – sorry about that Liam – I will try harder next time.”

“You better – you need to win.  No more ugly cakes.  You need to work harder.”

“Thanks for the advice Liam — I’ll work harder.”

Bless Pete’s heart for not arguing with a 4-year-old about TV – but he did think it was pretty cool that Liam thought he was a famous television baker!  Hopefully, James/Pete will do better this week so Uncle Pete doesn’t get another lecture!


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