Pretty sure my son has become a deranged leprechaun

The fish doesn't count as your rainbow!

The fish doesn’t count as your rainbow!

Okay – Tim is too tall to be a leprechaun (he’s 6’5”) – but Lordy, Lordy – that scraggly mess on his face has got to go!  Every time I see this picture, I try to remember that this is my baby boy – not some crazy backwoodsman who can’t seem to find a razor!  I’m pretty sure the rainbow trout in his hands committed suicide so he didn’t have to look at Tim’s “beard”!

Recently, Tim went hiking in the Rockies and I’m surprised that a female mountain goat didn’t claim him as his own!  It’s not bad enough that he can’t grow a ‘real’ beard – but what he does have comes in RED – which only highlights the fact that he has large patches on his face that don’t grow anything!

The only two people I know who grow worse beards than Tim (aside from some menopausal women I know) – would be his brother, Bob and his dad.  Luckily, his dad gave up trying many, many years ago.  Bob, on the other hand, tries every once in a great while – and has the same problem as Tim – only he is smart enough not to have pictures taken!

Right now, Tim is safe from the razor since he is in the Colorado Rockies training veterans to fight forest fires – but his wife, Sanaz is visiting soon and I’m pretty sure that the stuff on his face will be disappearing – or else she just might give Tim to the mountain goat!


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