Some of my inspiration

Some of my inspiration

What is it that gives us our inspiration to do anything – write, compose music, sing, go to work or just live through the day?

Is it something that comes from within or something infused from above?  Do we get it from our food, the air we breathe, our family, our surroundings – or are we just born with it and it strives to show itself occasionally?

Are there different inspirations for different occasions – a control panel which tells us which inspiration is appropriate for the occasion?  Are there different inspirations needed based on the answer we want to get or the outcome which is expected?

Do some people get more than their fair share of inspiration while others struggle just to find a little?  Do some people fail to recognize inspiration while others are really good at it?

Is it always 99% perspiration and 1% inspiration – or is this just something said by people who can’t find their inspiration?

Can we borrow inspiration when we are running low – or at least share it with each other?  Can we send some inspiration to people to help them along when we see them struggling?

Is it possible to be someone’s inspiration?  Does that mean I could be someone inspiration and not even know it?


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