How long does it take to get ready for a trip?

Cinderella Castle

Cinderella Castle

We are heading off to Disney World next week and for the last month I have had various individuals ask me if I had started packing yet.  What?  We aren’t leaving for another 10 days – how much stuff do you think we are taking?  This isn’t the grand tour of Europe – and even if it was, I’m pretty sure I would start packing the night before!

I understand my grandchildren who started packing a year ago – they are 4 and 6 – they think we are leaving in a few days – actually in a few hours.  They are much like dogs – no sense of the time-space continuum.

What I don’t understand is grown adults who think you should plan everything out for at least two weeks, lay it out, think about it, rearrange it, pack some of it, re-pack another part of it and then start all over again.  First – I don’t have that many clothes which can be out of commission for that long – and second – I have plenty of other stuff to do – like eat, sleep, work, watch TV – anything besides stewing over what the hell I’m going to take with me on vacation!

At this point, the absolute only thing I know we HAVE to pack are the Disney Magic Bands – so we can get into our rooms and the parks.  Besides that, I will wait until the night before.  Actually, I will probably pack my last item as we are loading the car – right after it comes out of the dryer!


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