ToDrive or Fly – That is the Question

Superman -- who would want to miss this?!?

Superman — who would want to miss this?!?

I was going to have to type this from my iPhone today – but luckily, my sister is letting me use her computer before we hit the road again.  We are on our journey to see Mickey – much like a quest for the Holy Grail, which is more about the journey than about the destination – which of course, is true about life in general, isn’t it?

People have been astounded when we told them that we were going to drive to Disney World — about a 25 hour drive!  We have been called insane, crazy, nuts and certifiable – all of which is probably very true – but as I have sat in our car for the first 16 hours of our drive, I have realized that people are missing so much by taking the quick way to get anywhere.

As we drove through Nebraska, Iowa, Missouri, Kansas, Illinois, Tennessee, Kentucky and finally Alabama on our first day, I was able to see our country as fewer and fewer people take the time to do so.  I saw the wide expanses, the beautiful rivers, the cities, and the small side communities.  We drove for miles without seeing a single house – but we did see lots and lots of beautiful scenery.  We saw the landmarks in St. Louis and Nashville — as well as Metropolis, Illinois (we just couldn’t miss the giant Superman!).

We were also able to experience each other’s company during the trip – the good and the bad.  We listened to the children sleep early in the morning, watched the sunrise as we ate our Pop Tarts, listened to the whining as people complained about having to go to the bathroom – and also the relief when we were done.    We talked about politics, life, other family members, each other’s dreams and aspirations – and that was just with the 6-year-old!

People miss seeing and experience so much when we decide to take the quick way to our destinations.  It’s time to slow down and enjoy the moment – even if that means having to roll down the windows because someone has decided to ‘pass gas’ and blame it on a small child in the car!


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