Age is Relative

My personal "fountains of youth"

My personal “fountains of youth”

This week my mother-in-law has a birthday – she will be 85 years old!  At breakfast yesterday morning, I asked Liam (who is 4) to guess how old his great-grandma was going to be.  Liam thought for a long time – obviously trying to think of the oldest age that was possible.  After a few moments, he turned to his great-grandma – and said – “You are really old — so you must be going to be 21! – which made great-grandma smile a lot!.  Lizzie (who is 6) promptly countered Liam’s estimate – “Oh Liam, great-grandma is MUCH older than that – she is going to be at least 31 or 36 years old!”  Once again, great-grandma smiled broadly.

The moral of the story?  I’m always going to keep small children around me — they make me smile, laugh and see life in wondrous ways — but more importantly – in their eyes “old” is much, much younger than I really am!



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  1. Yes, the professor sees the inspiration from it all! The professor finds that the young folks are wiser than we older folks more often than not.. Do you agree? Stay inspired; stay young at heart is just fine….

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