It’s all about the “phraseology”

Uncanny things are thought to happen at night ...

Possibly alien abduction kept me from my appointed tasks?


Yes – I missed my self-imposed deadline of posting something everything Sunday by 6 p.m.  I could lie to myself (and others who care) and say I was


  1. so wrapped in deep thoughts about what to write, that I simply lost track of the time OR
  2. attending a very important meeting with a very important person about something really important, so it didn’t get done OR
  3. trying to solve one of the many great mysteries of the universe and was THIS close to a solution OR
  4. saving a the life of a person in need OR
  5. abducted by aliens.


Technically all of these are probably true to some extent — but not really — it’s all about the “phraseology” (a term used in The Music Man which I have been dying to use!).  So here is the reality of my “phraseology” –


  1. I was taking a nap
  2. I was playing with my grandchildren
  3. I was trying to understand the minds of my grandchildren
  4. I was trying to help my daughter keep her sanity by helping with her children (my grandchildren)
  5. I was playing with my grandchildren


See – the reality isn’t nearly as impressive as the “phrasology” – but still a lot of fun – and did cause me to miss my deadline!  Definitely worth it — even the being abducted by aliens part!



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