Holding Hands with God

It's always worth holding hands with God.

It’s always worth holding hands with God.

I have noticed a disturbing trend over the past couple of years and every time I notice it I become more agitated – to the point where I’m ready to stop people when I see it happening and lecture them – but then I would be one of those creepy old ladies who is a little too intrusive – but then it might be worth it.

My problem?  I can’t stand the fact that I see fewer and fewer parents holding their children’s hands.  I know it sounds silly, but when I watch a two-year-old toddling across a parking lot with mom on one side and dad on the other – and neither are holding that small person’s wonderful little hand – it upsets me.  Or when I see a mother standing on a sidewalk with her hands on her hips yelling – no – SCREAMING at a 4-year-old for not keeping up – instead of holding that little one’s hand and walking at their pace for a short time – it upsets me.  Or when a parent is too busy taking pictures of the moment instead of walking side-by-side holding hands and experiencing the moment with their child – that upsets me.

Don’t these people know they are missing one of the most wonderful partS of having children in their lives – the feeling of that tiny hand inside theirs?  It’s not just about safety or keeping children on task – it’s about a child placing their trust in you to keep them safe.  It’s about a child knowing through that vital sense of touch, that they are important in your life – you are willing to slow down, take a moment, walk at their pace and see through their eyes.

For me – holding a child’s hand brings a smile to my face and can make the worst day a wonderful day.  I know there are days when it isn’t fun (I have four children of my own – so believe I know) – but I also know that a simple touch can change everything.  No matter how frustrated I am with my children or grandchildren – I know that when I hold their hands (even my grown up children) – it is a moment filled with grace.  I’m sure it is similar to holding the hand of God.  I know that holding that little hand makes me want to be a better person and see the world with a child’s sense of wonder and happiness.

So don’t pass up holding that little hand when it is offered to you — because you will be passing up the chance to hold God’s grace in your hand.


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