A Navy Officer, A Citizen, A Mouse and a Fish

The Fish!

The Fish!

It’s that time of year again!  No, not Christmas – well, yes – Christmas – but also time to hear from the Gurnett Family!  It has been a busy year for us again – which keeps us young and crazy – or maybe just crazy – haven’t decided yet!  We had lots of great things happen this year – a new job, a new Navy officer, a new certification, a new citizen, a mouse – and yes, there are FISH involved too!  What kind of year would it be without at least one fish!   The year started on a very good note – Pat got a new job!  He is now working as Medical Records Manager for Alegent-Creighton – just a few blocks from where I work – which works out quite well for carpooling.  Just to keep things interesting, our youngest daughter, Becky decided to join the Navy Reserve.  Since she is a nurse, she goes in as an officer – which means her big brother, Tim has to salute her!  Our oldest daughter, Jenny decided that she wanted to teach cosmetology (apparently getting her business degree, working two jobs and having two children wasn’t keeping her busy enough) – so she went back to school to get her certification as an instructor.  She has finished her classes and will be taking her test in a couple of weeks – and then she will be full-time instructor for Xenon Academy.  Since all of the girls in the family were doing big, important things, my daughter-in-law Sanaz decided to join the group and she became an American citizen!  She took her oath this summer and is now an official citizen of the United States.  We are so proud of all of our girls!  While all of this was going on, we decided that we really needed to return to Disney World and visit Mickey Mouse and his friends.  Lizzie and Liam – and yes, even grandpa had a great time!  We went on lots of rides, ate a lot of food, walked so much we had to sit down and eat some more and met some new characters – it was a great time!  Lizzie favorite ride is the river ride in Animal Kingdom – which we rode twice – but she would have been happy on it all day long – especially if it meant that her mom got soaking wet every time!  Liam’s favorite was a toss-up between Thunder Mountain Railroad and It’s a Small World – and yes, he now knows ALL of the words and the correct tune because he made everyone ride it so many times!  Grandpa LOVED Soarin’ which makes you believe you are hang gliding over California and the ocean – and any ride where it was less than 90 degrees!  And the fish?  Well, it wouldn’t have been a complete trip if we hadn’t gone on the new Little Mermaid ride a couple of times, talked to the turtle from Nemo – and had lunch at the Coral Reef in Epcot where we could watch the sharks, mantas and other fish while we ate.  I’ll bet you wondered how I was going to work the fish into this one!

Jenny manages to go to school, work two jobs – and also have time for Lizzie (age 6) and Liam (age 4) – and all of their activities!  I haven’t figured out how much caffeine she is drinking in order to keep moving – but it must be A LOT!  Lizzie is in the first grade and loves art, reading and science.  She has become very observant and while in Disney World noticed that the Mt. Everest roller coaster was soooo scary – it turned my hair white! I made a note to have Jenny color my hair as soon as we returned home – and just agreed with Lizzie that was exactly what happened!  Liam is in pre-school and loves reading, making new friends – and discovering that he can make all kinds of disgusting noises.  I’m hoping that the disgusting noises aren’t the only reason he is making new friends.

Bob is still working full time for First Data Resources as a techie for their computer help desk – and doing stand-up comedy whenever he has an opportunity.  We finally witnessed his act – not just him introducing other comedians – but his actual routine.  He was funny – and we even laughed at his jokes and not just because he is our son.   As soon as he starts making some money doing his comedy, we’ll laugh even louder because he is funny AND he is our son.

Tim and Sanaz have just recently returned from a trip to Turkey to visit her family.  They spent some time exploring Turkey – and Sanaz even took a hot air balloon ride!  Tim refused to go along – apparently all of those years of jumping out of the tree into our hammock made him a little leery of heights!  Tim is finishing up his degree in Environmental Studies and is hoping to work for the Forest Service.  This past summer, he trained veterans to fight forest fires for the Student Conservation Association – this was his third year.  He really enjoys it and hopes to do it again next summer.  Sanaz finished her paramedic training and will be applying for nursing school so she can become a trauma nurse – which will work out quite well – when Tim does something stupid while cutting down a tree, Sanaz will be able to put him back together!

Becky and Pete added a little one to their family – but it wasn’t the baby Pat was hoping for – instead, they adopted a corgi-mix puppy named Gus! Their dog Hank now has a new friend – but Pat lost out on this one.  Pete is still working at ConAgra and finishing his culinary arts degree – while Becky decided to join to the Navy Reserve in addition to being an oncology nurse at Methodist Hospital.  Becky will be going to Newport, Rhode Island in the spring for her Officer’s Training – and I’m making sure Tim comes to the graduation with us because I want a picture of him saluting his little sister!

Pat and I are managing to stay sane enough through all of that is going on around us. Pat is learning his new job and has been there almost a year.  He was hoping for a professional tournament bass fisherman job – but it appears there were no openings at this time – so he had to stick with what he knows best – Medical Records.  I am still working at Physicians Mutual – but buying lottery tickets in the hopes that with my winnings I can support Pat’s new fish career if an opening comes up in the near future.

Enjoy the Holidays with the ones you love – treasure their company, their bickering and their quirks.  Life is full of surprises, challenges, accomplishments – and should always include at least one FISH!


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