Where have all the lids gone?

Where have they gone?

Where have they gone?

This is how I feel EVERY time I try to put some leftovers away – especially during the holidays.

I’ve bought the expensive “storage carousel” which was supposed to store all of your containers AND their lids – but the lids apparently got tired of the ride and jumped off somewhere. I’m not sure where – because I have yet to find them.  Maybe they ran off with the carnival worker who ran the storage carousel.

I’ve thrown out all of the old stuff and started with a brand-new box of storage containers and lids.  I’ve made a promise to keep everything in the same place – which is actually a GIANT very old Tupperware container which originally belonged to my mother (Naturally, I don’t have the lid anymore so it is just an open bin now).  Within one week of throwing out the old and bringing in the new – I couldn’t find a lid which fit the container I was using!  Obviously a couple of the lids had decided that the open bin life was not for them – and they ran off to live with all of the other lids which have disappeared over the years.

I have started keeping every rogue lid I find, just in case it has a desire to find a new mate with a lonely container – but apparently these are very picky lids and they want nothing to do with these containers who have already lost one perfectly matched mate.

So – where have all of the lids gone?  They aren’t in the cupboard, the dishwasher, the trashcan, behind the refrigerator, under the refrigerator, in the toy box – or even in the garage with all of Pat’s other treasures – so where the heck do they go!?!

I have a theory – they have run off to join a commune of other nonconformists –  mismatched socks, spoons (just spoons, no forks or knives – they seem to stay put for some odd reason), combs, brushes, single earrings, one-of-a-kind buttons and the occasional odd Christmas lightbulb.

Why can’t lids be more like keys – keys never go away, even if you no longer have the car, house or diary to which they belong – they stay with you forever!  Now that’s loyalty!


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  1. Lids. Aren’t they weird? I find myself wanting to buy every offere on QVC/HSN, Infomercials that claim their lids are attached to the storage container and can never be lost! But I know how lids are — like socks — you THINK they mate for life, but noooooooooooooo. One wanders off never to be heard from again, leaving the other behind. I’m sure there are a lot of containers pining for their lids . . .

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