Why I Have Never Used a DP Challenge

My future?

My future?

I have sat in a lump, staring at the computer, wondering what to write about – and have read with great interest the DP Challenge – as well as numerous well written pieces which have used the DP Challenge and have even become a follower of some of these – and yet, I never consider using the DP Challenge ideas myself.  So the question becomes “why not?”

Why don’t I use those great ideas and write a post along with all of those others who have done so well with the Challenge?  In fact, a lot of those individuals end up being Freshly Pressed – so why not me?

Is it because it is too much like getting an assignment in high school or college and being forced to write about something I’m not really interested in writing about?  That couldn’t be it  – I’ve actually ‘assigned’ myself pieces using quotes, words from the dictionary and even junk mail!

Is it because I think the ideas are stupid or not worthy?  Definitely not the case – as I stated previously, I’ve read some really, really good posts by people using these ideas!  Besides – who am I to judge what is a dumb idea – after all, I’ve written posts about shoes, zeal, bats, vampires, discombobulation, tennis balls, and lots of other crazy stuff – so there are no ‘dumb’ ideas!

So, why exactly do I not use something which is offered to me for free – and which I obviously enjoy when others participate?  Am I passing up a free ticket on a great roller coaster just so I can stand and watch someone else have a good time?  Am I doomed to become Snoopy, forever typing “It was a dark and stormy night…” and never getting any farther because I won’t accept an idea that isn’t my own?

I’m afraid that is my fate in life because I can’t seem to get past the feeling that I’m ‘cheating’ by having someone else think up my topics.  Shouldn’t I be smart enough, creative enough and just plain good enough to think up my own topics, to write about my own life?  Shouldn’t I be able to handle this without being told what to do?

Until I come to terms with that feeling, I’m destined to sit, staring at a blank page on the computer and holding my hands in my lap to prevent them from typing …

“It was a dark and stormy night….”


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  1. I haven’t visited your blog in a while, but not because I didn’t enjoy your writing. Just got v. busy. Must say that although I like this entry, want to comment on the word “should”. It’s a ‘fence’ word, as in “on the fence”. Meaning, when you use it, you “should” take action instead of using should as an excuse not to make a decision! Wish you would do just one DP Challenge to help blast yourself out of the “shouldn’t” stance you’ve described here. It would be fun to read the results!

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